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What is this site?

It aims to be a reference site for anyone interested in church music - be they music directors, organists, singers, clergy, members of cathedral and church congregations, or just people that love church music.

So who is the face behind the site?

Well, it's now John Watkins. If you want to find out about me, my personal website is at Information about the orginal author, Richard Bloomfield, can be found at

So, what qualifies me to talk about Anglican Church Music?

Hmmm, well no qualifications apart from various RSCM ribbons and AEB grade 5 music theory... :-) I was a choir boy in my local Parish Church from the age of 9, sung with the Huddersfield Choral Society Youth Choir, and I'm now a bass in the University of London Church Choir.

This site was originally developed for use with MSIE 4 onwards. It has been progressively modified to adhere both to CAST guidelines and to W3C standards. However, if you have any difficulties, please let me know.

Content last updated on Thursday, 5th July 2001
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