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SAB for Youth

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 20, 2004 2:01 am    Post subject: SAB for Youth Reply with quote

I'm having a difficult time finding good SAB music for my youth choir, ages 13-17. I'm not looking for Christian rock (ugh), which is about all I can find that is aimed at youth. Most non-rock SAB music seems to be aimed at adult choirs, so it's more difficult than my baritones can handle. It's also mostly horrible drivel musically and often rather fundamentalist. Sorry to be harsh, but I'm very frustrated.

I'm looking for SAB or two part mixed music that is 1) easy to moderately difficult 2) good quality.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 12, 2004 4:48 pm    Post subject: Here's a couple, I'm also looking Reply with quote

PLEASE, PLEASE tell me when you receive a reply!

I am building a choral program. Some interest from middle schoolers, but of course there's competition with all the other activities in their lives. My kids' choirs (K-2 and 3-5, though I have an eighth grader who doesn't care about singing with the younger kids because she just really wants to sing) are shaping up nicely but I have a couple 5th graders I want to keep and some specific older kids I think I can recruit IF I can offer them something more challenging than the younger stuff and less "fluffy" than the "praise" music out there.

Choristers Guild does have some good pieces. Some I've used are:

"I Believe in the Sun" (New this year) Margaret Tucker
Hauntingly beautiful lyrics. There's an echo in the B section. Looks easy, but has enough interest to hold them so you can really work on advanced singing stuff -- especially phrasing and dynamics. We did this one at a community Gospel concert (small concert, but we were the only Kids choir) and received a standing ovation. They kids were so proud!

"Blessed Shall They Be" (Old -- it might not be available) Natalie Sleeth
Bouncy and simplistic melody, but the 2 parts complement each other well. I sung it as a duet and it would be nice as a 2 part choral piece.

"The Lord is My Light" Michael Bedford
Great as a teaching tool, especially on vowels (using "ah" in singing "Light") and articulation (coming together on the "t" in "Light"). Has an echo in the B section. We sang this last Sunday, was well recevied.

"On Easter Morning" (Another new one) Larry Schultz
This one has a great funky rhythm and interesting accidentals. Echoes throughout. I haven't yet introduced it. My younger kids will do it nicely, but it has the potential for greatness with an older youth choir.

"Prayer Litany" (two part, there's an SATB as well) Helen Kemp
I mention this one because I sang it as a duet and it would make a nice challenging piece because of the harmony throughout. It's kinda breathy and guitar-ish, if you know what I mean. Very mellow. But sometimes that can be a good departure for a choir -- IF the lyrics aren't sappy (these aren't).

"Where You Need Me I Will Go" Mark Patterson
A bit simplistic, nice descant. Beautiful piano part. I use it to work on volume control, nice up and down movements.

"You Are the Branches" Michael Jothen
Three part treble, I've only used it as a 2 parter, but there's room for more depth with the third part. Gets funky in the middle -- rhythm and volume (FF drops to PP, unison divides to 3 part), so it keeps their interest. Lyrics are simple.

Another souce I could mention. Whenever we need to pull something together in a hurry for our adult choir we look to a two-part choral book. Can't remember the name of it, but I will look on Sunday and get that to you. These are easy enough to squeak by on little adult rehearsal, and could be good ones to pull out for youth to work on and make better.

I came across a website source, and in my opinion about 95% of the songs are simplistic praise dribble. I did take the time to listen to all of the demos and ordered singles of a handful that didn't seem too campy. I'll let you know if I like any of them.

If you're not a Choristers Guild member, you should look into that. The bimonthly magazines usually have something to glean from and we get a twice-yearly packet of singles.

Please let me know what sources you find.
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