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        GCCGuildford Cathedral Choir
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Disc no. 13
The Crucifixion

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Gavin Williams
David Hughes (Tenor), John Lawrenson (Baritone)
Terence Clifford (Baritone), Philip Mindenhall (Bass)

Original cover
Original cover
This recording of Stainer's Crucifixion became Guildford's second gold disc. Remarkably, it is still on sale today, thirty years later, albeit as a re-issue. The choral singing on this disc is very fine indeed. The original cover photo (see left) was a more clumsy affair than the present one.Recording session 1967
Recording session 1967
The recording sessions themselves gave rise to a piece of Guildford legend, when the chorus “God so loved the world” was recorded in only one take, an altogether unprecented occurrence.
‘The Crucifixion' is described as a ‘Meditation on the Passion of the Holy Redeemer'; it sets to music a text taken from the New Testament by the Rev. J. Sparrow-Simpson. It followed the example of later classical Passions in including a number of reflective hymns in which the audience or congregation join; the best-known of these today is the final hymn ‘All for Jesus'. The music owes much to Bach and Handel, but the strong influence of Mendelssohn, whose music was immensely popular among Victorian audiences, is apparent. ‘The Crucifixion' is an example of the finest church music of the Victorian age; while it is not music of any great complexity, its tuneful simplicity expresses an unaffected religious devotion. [From the original sleeve notes]
Disc no. 14
Creator Spirit

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Gavin Williams

GRS 7005
This anthology of 20th Century church music contains some unusual items and one or two ‘classics'. None of the items were in the catalogue when the recording was made in 1970. The material on this disc was re-released by Guild Music in 1995 under the same title.
Creator Spirit, by whose aidBernard Naylor
Festival Te Deum in C (1965)William Mathias
The Dead (“1914”)Alan Gray
The Soldier (“1914”)Alan Gray
Vox dicentis: clamaE. W. Naylor
Sacred Songs for Treble Voices (Third Set)Alan Ridout
Ubi caritas et amorBrian Easdale
Harvest AnthemDerek Bourgeois
Faire is the heavenWilliam H. Harris
Disc no. 15
Messiah (highlights)

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Anthony Froggatt

unknown catalogue number
This disc is known to have existed but at the moment no one can lay their hands on a copy of it. Any offers?
Disc no. 16
Guildford Cathedral Choir

Conductor: Philip Moore

Organ: Anthony Froggatt
Ian Lyon (Treble), Adrian Culshaw & Richard Stevens (Altos), John New (Tenor), Rowland Sidwell & Simon Deller (Baritones)

Abbey Records LPB 771
This disc, recorded in 1976, was the first made by the choir under its new choirmaster, Philip Moore. Unfortunately, it is no longer available commercially. The content is a typical Abbey mixed bag but there is some fine singing, in particular from the men. The Howells is perhaps the best thing on the disc and worth the cover price on its own.
Evening HymnH. Balfour Gardiner
Teach me, O LordWilliam Byrd
Gratias agimus tibi (‘Petite Messe Solonelle')Giacomo Rossini
Jesus is the brightest lightJ. S. Bach
Almighty God, who by thy SonOrlando Gibbons
Like as the hart desireth the waterbrooksHerbert Howells
Psalm 84 (Anglican chant)Henry Smart
‘Edington' ServiceGrayston Ives
Disc no. 17
In Pace — The Influence of Plainsong

Conductor: Philip Moore

Organ: Peter Wright
Jeremy Ovenden (Treble)

Priory PRCD 006
This ‘thematic’ disc, the second of only two discs made by the choir in Philip Moore’s time, works extremely well. The content is well-chosen and every piece is first-rate. The disc also includes some excellent singing, particularly from the men, and the recording quality is very good. Included amongst this rich fare is the famous Tallis anthem Te lucis ante terminum and a new piece by Philip Moore, All wisdom cometh from the Lord, which was written for the 50th Anniversary of the cathedral choir school, Lanesborough.
For centuries Plainsong has formed the greater part of the music for the Roman Catholic Church. It is therefore not surprising that little Plainsong was heard in the Anglican Church between the Reformation and the nineteenth century Oxford Movement. Since this time its use in the Anglican Church has become more widespread, and in the last twenty years has lost its specific associations with high churchmanship.
Over the years Plainsong has been woven into music both sacred and secular, nearly always to great effect. This recording demonstrates some of the ways in which Plainsong has been used in church music, both here and abroad.
[Original sleeve notes]
Blessed city, heavenly SalemEdward Bairstow
Christe qui lux es et diesWilliam Byrd
Magnificat (VII tone) [men only]Vittoria
In pace in idipsumWilliam Blitheman
Ubi caritasMaurice Duruflé
Tota pulchra esMaurice Duruflé
Tu es PetrusMaurice Duruflé
Tantum ergoMaurice Duruflé
Te lucis ante terminumThomas Tallis
All wisdom cometh from the LordPhilip Moore
Disc no. 18
Lord, hear my voice

Conductor: Andrew Millington

Organ: Peter Wright

Priory PRV 143
This disc is no longer available commercially and was never released in CD format. We have no further information at present.

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