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        GCCGuildford Cathedral Choir
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Disc no. 1
Organ Music at Guildford Cathedral

Organ: Barry Rose

Ryemuse RO 7002
This little EP (extended play) has something of a ‘tourist shop' feel to it but the playing is excellent and the repertoire interesting — it's a pity Barry never made a full-scale organ solo LP at Guildford. Unfortunately this EP is no longer available.
Noël étrangerLouis d'Aquin
Air from Suite no. 3 in DJ. S. Bach
Chorale Prelude on the ‘Old 104th'C. H. H. Parry
Tuba TuneC. S. Lang
Disc no. 2
Olivet to Calvary

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Peter Moorse

John Mitchinson (Tenor), Frederick Harvey (Baritone)

EMI Classics for Pleasure CDCFP 4619
This is the earliest commercial recording of the cathedral choir, recorded in November & December of 1964. Remarkably, the disc is still available in 1999, probably because it is the only recording in the current catalogue of the work in question.Recording session 1964
Recording session 1964
Disc no. 3
Britain's Cathedrals & their Music

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Gavin Williams

BBC 1005M
This rather unusual disc features two cathedral choirs — Guildford and Chichester. It was issued by BBC Radio Enterprises (who says the BBC weren’t enterprising in those days?) as a spin-off to a radio series presented by the late John Betjeman (then Poet Laureate), he of “Come, friendly bombs, and fall on Slough” fame. The Guildford programme was broadcast on February 18th, 1966. We feature here only the contribution from Guildford. One small point of interest: the recording was produced by Sebastian Forbes, who was later to sing as an “occasional” alto in the cathedral choir and would eventually become Professor of Music at the University of Surrey.
The bells of Guildford Cathedral (heard at the beginning and end of Side Two) are a Ring of 10, cast by the famous Whitechapel Bell Foundry. They are hung in the tower of the Cathedral, which is 160-feet high. Vigilant stone angels look out to the four corners of the Diocese and above them are the figures of St. Augustin, St. Hubert, St. Blaise and St. Swithin. At the very top of the tower and turning in the wind is the 15-feet high Guildford Golden Angel. In 1932, Sir Edward Maufe, the architect of Guildford Cathedral said: ‘...The ideal has been to produce a design, definitely of our own time, yet in the line of the great English Cathedrals; to build anew on tradition, to rely on proportion, mass, volume and line rather than on elaboration and ornament’. How well he has succeeded in achieving this ideal can be confirmed by anyone who has been lucky enough to visit, at Guildford, the magnificent Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. [Original sleeve notes]
Hodie beata virgoWilliam Byrd
In pace, in idipsumWilliam Blitheman
Noël No. 10 in G major [organ]Louis d'Aquin
Though I speak with the tongues of menEdward Bairstow
Disc no. 4
Treasury of English Church Music

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Gavin Williams
Michael Vaile (Alto), Robert Hammersley (Tenor), John Barrow (Baritone), Philip Mindenhall (Bass)

EMI Classics for Pleasure CDCFP 1459
It was a great honour for such a young cathedral choir to be invited to record the third volume of the Treasury series. This was probably the disc that really put Guildford ‘on the map', partly because it was a ‘serious' record and partly because the reviews were excellent. Original release catalogue number H.M.V. CLP 3549 (Mono), CSD 3549 (Stereo).
Thou knowest, Lord, the secrets of our heartsHenry Purcell
O Lord my GodPelham Humfrey
I will give thanks unto the LordHenry Purcell
O clap your hands togetherMaurice Greene
Ascribe unto the LordJohn Travers
The heavens declare the glory of GodWilliam Boyce
Disc no. 5
Christmas Music from Guildford Cathedral
with the Pro Arte Orchestra

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Gavin Williams
Keith Bennett (Treble), John Barrow (Baritone)

EMI CDM 764131 2
Original cover
Original cover
Second cover
Second cover
This record was originally released in 1966, complete with a cover photo showing a half-finished Guildford Cathedral in the snow. The disc was re-released in the late seventies on the ‘HMV Greensleeve' label (ESD 7021), with its original B-side (the Hely-Hutchinson) as the A-side and a cover photo most definitely not of Guildford Cathedral.
It is still available on CD and remains the only recording of the Carol Symphony in the catalogue. Original release catalogue number H.M.V. CLP 3580 (Mono), CSD 3580 (Stereo).
Guildford Cathedral, with its splendid and natural recording acoustics, is the perfect setting for this programme of Christmas music. The Cathedral Choir, under the skilled direction of its young conductor, Barry Rose, has, in the space of a few years, gained a reputation which places it in the forefront of ecclesiastical music-making. Mr. Rose reveals on this record that he is also a gifted orchestral conductor. [Original sleeve notes]
Carol Symphony [orchestral]Victor Hely-Hutchinson
Fantasia on Christmas CarolsRalph Vaughan Williams
All in the morningarr. Vaughan Williams
Bethlehem DownPeter Warlock
Adam lay yboundenPeter Warlock
Wassail Songarr. Vaughan Williams
Disc no. 6
Christmas Carols from Guildford Cathedral

Conductor: Barry Rose

Organ: Gavin Williams
Keith Bennett (Treble), Clifford Mould (Tenor), Robert Hammersley (Tenor), John Barrow (Baritone)

EMI Classics for Pleasure CDCFP 1459
Original cover
Original cover
This is the disc usually referred to at Guildford as the ‘Gold Disc', although the ‘gold' has long since turned to platinum. The original cover photo caused Dean George Clarkson to complain about the dirty fingernails of the boy model. It was re-released in 1976 with a new cover photo (this time with clean fingernail but the cassock the wrong way round) and has continued to sell happily ever since. Original release catalogue number MFP 1104 (Mono only).
Once in royal David's cityGauntlett
God rest ye merry gentlemenTraditional
While shepherds watched their flocksRavenscroft
See, amid the winter's snowGoss, arr. Lowman
As with gladness men of oldKocher
The first nowell the angels did sayTrad., arr. Lowman
Hark, the herald angels singMendelssohn
It came upon the midnight clearSullivan, arr. Lowman
Silent nightGruber, arr. Rose
Good King WenceslasTraditional
O little town of BethlehemTrad., arr. Mould
O come, all ye faithfulTraditional, desc. Rose

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