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We've tried to make this discography as accurate and complete as possible. This page contains quite a few small graphics; please be patient while it loads.

Many of the discs listed here are available through record stores or, in some cases, on the Internet itself. In North America there are a number of importers who should be able to obtain discs on request.
Abergavenny Music (see below) claim to be able to supply any CD released in the UK. This should include those Guildford discs marked with a green dot. And if you can get to Guildford itself, the cathedral shop keeps stocks for tourists.
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Recording unavailable at present.
Recording wholly or partly available on a re-release.
Recording thought to be available at present.
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DiscographyTitleConductorDateLabel & ref. no.

Organ Music at Guildford CathedralRose1964Ryemuse RO 7002
Olivet to CalvaryRose1965EMI CDCFP 4619
Britain's Cathedrals and their MusicRose1965BBC 1005M
Treasury of English Church MusicRose1965EMI CLP 3459
Christmas Music from Guildford CathedralRose1966EMI CDM 764131 2
Christmas Carols from Guildford CathedralRose1966EMI MFP 4157234
The Choristers of Guildford CathedralRose1967Guild GRM 302
The Choir of Guildford CathedralRose1967Guild GRM 301
The Organs of Guildford CathedralRose1967Guild GRM 303
Folk SongsRose1967Abbey 7630
Carols from Guildford CathedralRose1967Abbey 7628
Music for PassiontideRose1967Guild GRS 7001
The CrucifixionRose1968EMI CDCFP 4519
Creator SpiritRose1970Guild GRS 7005
Messiah highlightsRose1973
Guildford Cathedral Choir Moore1976Abbey LPB 771
In Pace — The Influence of Plainsong Moore1982Priory PRCD 006
Lord, hear my voice Millington1983Priory PRV 143
Guildford Cathedral Choir Millington1984Abbey Alpha XPS 103
Christmas Carols from Guildford Cathedral Millington1984Priory PRC 157
Evensong for Whitsunday Millington1986Priory PRC 184
Great Cathedral AnthemsMillington1988Priory PRCD 257
An Evening at Guildford Cathedral Millington1989Word UK WSTCD 9705
Christmas at Guildford Cathedral MillingtonWord UK WSTCD 9715
Psalms of David (6)Millington1992Priory PRCD 416
Organ Favourites from Guildford Cathedral Millington1992Priory PRC 415
Crucifixus Millington1994Herald CD 166
The Christmas Carols Album Millington1996Crimson CRIMCD01
20 Favourite Hymns Millington1996Crimson CRIMCD02
Listen, sweet dove Millington1996Lammas 087D
The Beat is IrrelevantRose1996OCA GCOC 1751
Creator SpiritRose1997Guild Music GMCD 7110
Music for Passiontide & LentRose1997Guild Music GMCD 7131
Christmas Carols & HymnsMillington1997Crimson CRIMCD110
Carols at ChristmasMillington1998Crimson CRIMCD 167

NotesThe cathedral choir is also featured on Ian Partridge's disc A Warlock Centenary Album (EMI Classics CDM 65101), which includes the items “Bethlehem Down” and “Adam lay ybounden” from the Guildford disc Christmas Music from Guildford Cathedral.

There are persisent rumours that EMI have from time to time featured items from Christmas Carols from Guildford Cathedral on various compilation CD's, although EMI themselves don't seem too clear about this.
Herald Records can be contacted at: Herald AV Publications, The Studio, 29 Alfred Road, Farnham, Surrey, GU9 8ND, England.

EMI Classics does have a website but it is not possible to order directly through it. You will be told to contact your local dealer. In theory you can search their online database for particular discs.
Abergavenny Music (a CD retailer based in Wales) say they can supply any CD currently on release in the UK. Theoretically, therefore, they can get hold of any of the Guildford CDs marked with a green or orange dot in the Discography above. You can order CDs online, either by sending an e-mail or by filling in a form. At the moment, however, you cannot pay by credit card directly online although they do take credit card orders by e-mail.
You could also try the Surrey Music Store in Woking, United Kingdom. This store is owned by Neil Collins, an ex-Guildford lay-clerk.
There are also that famous old online store, CDNow may (or may not) have Guildford CDís in stock.
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Note: This is an archive of the old unofficial website of 2001. These pages are for historical interest only - please visit the official website for up to date information. Some corrections have been noted and are in maroon.