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Comments“Having had connections with the Cathedral in the '70's, the web site provides a wealth of information, musically related, and never fails to impress. Now that I'm many miles away, although still in the UK, and still connected with church and choral music, the site provides a feeling of continuity, as if I have never been away. The features and facilities are superb. You obviously have an excellent design team. Keep up the good work, and good luck with getting all the music lists on line!” Mike Hall, UK
“Great links! I do enjoy listening to the clips you provide. Thanks”. Dr. Dorothy Leal, Ohio, USA
“This is one of the best web sites I have seen. I was very impressed by the quality and frequent updating of the Real Audio recordings. I also found the information on Real Audio extremely helpful - I now use a Cool Edit 96 as you recommended! The quality of the photo of the choir was fantastic. At 180K this is one of the biggest files I have encountered on the Internet, but it was well worth the wait”. Anthony Rouse
“Your site is always a pleasure to visit; keep up the good work! We are getting there slowly; your notes on RA setup were most helpful; especially the use of COOL96. Many thanks for that. Thanks also for the link to LAMMAS - maybe you will feel inclined to use the enclosed logo.” David Andrew, Lammas Records, UK
“I think you have done an excellent job in organising this site. I am a loyal listener to your selections.” Daniel Wallace Hopkins
“Lovely Web page.” J. E. Lawson
“What a great presentation! I've listened to your RealAudio Files and I'm highly impressed by the great performance.” Arno Jung, MGV Cëcilia 1862 Härth-Berrenrath, Germany
“Thank you for your inspiring RA Sound Clips. The reception was remarkable; no glitches. God has blessed the Guildford Cathedral Choir.” Ed and Katie Miller, USA
“Wonderful site! Thank you!!” Sophie Fuller, UK
“I just wanted to inform you that I listened to ‘Lessons and Carols' last night, and that the program (programme) was terrific!”. Linette Schreiber, USA
“We cannot give you enough credit for your excellent choir site! We have to this date studied more than 1000 good choir sites and still think yours is the cleanest and best. This is not an award or anything like that, but only some greetings to tell you how much we like your site!” Lodolakören, Göteborg, Sweden
“Just a note to say that I consider that your web page is the best Cathedral choir web page that I have come across, it's even better than Well's page! which is also good.” Peter Cleife, Dubai
“My sincere congatulations on your magnificent website. The audio clips are spectacular. Keep up the great work!” Jason Coulthurst, USA
“I just upgraded my computer two months ago so I was really able to get into the Internet without waiting forever for something to download, my previous one was sooooo slow. One of the first things I searched for was Cathedrals. Wow, I was absolute overwhelmed the first time I hit your site and was able to actually listen to the sound clips, I just could not believe what I was hearing!!!” Jean Bowman
“I am very impressed with the quality and depth of your Website and have bookmarked it and hope to revisit often!” Michael Hissey, Sydney, Australia
“You have an outstanding site! With your permission I will add a link to your site in our "Music Room" at Parishes Online?” Edward J. Golden, Ph.D., USA
“Indeed this is a first rate choir. You visited Breda earlier this year and sang in the Sacramentskerk. My compliments for so fine a performance! The soundclips are good, but the live versions remain the best!!” Corrina Janssen, Netherlands
“What a fantastic website! After using your links to inquire about other cathedral and university choirs, I finally ‘came back' to take a closer inspection of yours. Kudos to the designer! While listening to the RealAudio soundbites of the choir, I read every page of your site. [...] Keep up the excellent work. I shall return for an Internet visit — often!” Jerry Kruyf, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA
“Hello. I truly enjoyed your rendition of Purcell's "Nunc dimittis in E minor." If your choir is ever in Nassau, Bahamas, please come and sing at Christ Church Cathedral.” Archibald T. Simms, Bahamas
“Congratulations on some great web pages - they are really useful.” Philip Matthias, Organist, Newcastle Cathedral, Australia
“I enjoyed your website and the sound clips are brilliant. I hope that the choir will consider singing one of Franz Gruber's original arrangements for Silent Night in December. 1998 is the 180th anniversary of this Christmas carol.” Bill Egan, USA
“I really love this type of music, and these audio clips were great even if the quality of Real Audio is not the best - have you considered using some .wav files even if they do take up more server space and take longer to download? The quality is so much better. Even so, it is really great to hear this kind of music - I would love to hear more in whatever format you can do it in. Thanks for some wonderful music”. Jamie McMahon
“Thanks once again for the weekly selection crowned this week by the Festival of Lessons and Carols. Can I particularly mention the good quality of the private recordings”. Adrian Clarkson, Wakefield, UK
“I just visited your web site and I enjoyed it tremendously. It is a very beautiful and ‘user friendly' site”. Tero Harju, Japan
“It is nice to see another choral group using RealAudio. I think it is an ideal medium to make samples of music available to the masses. Many people do not want to wait and wait to download a long file to hear a selection”. Gene Bitner, Amarillo Boy Choir
“The Guildford site is one of the best I've seen”. Jim Hammond, USA
“Even though it appears we are almost the first people from the UK to visit the site we thought that the site was an innovative project. Well done!” Nicholas Rice (Old Chorister), UK
“What a wonderful website. Probably the best from the English Cathedral Music site. I visit every week to hear what's available. Just wondering, do you have the anthem Turn Thy Face from My Sins in your archives. This was my first solo way back in 1968/69. Great days! Many thanks for a great site.” Alan H. Baxter (ex chorister, West Derby, Liverpool), UK
“Very nice web site; enjoyed hearing the clips. Thank you.” E. Price-Kellogg, NY, USA
“Congratulations on the quality of the Guildford clips — any chance of the odd bit of organ solo?” Adrian Clarkson, USA
“I liked the layout because it is bright and clear.” Andreas Kracke, Windsbacher Knabenchor, Germany
“Congratulations on a fabulous site. The idea of a sound archive is wonderful. Now – how about a Service Music List archive?” John H. Stephenson, Canada
“I visited your site tonight for the first time, just found it browsing and was anxious to hear the RealAudio clips. This is the first site where I have been been pleased with the quality of the sound, and as a choir director and church musician myself, I am rather picky :). Just wanted to let you know....I will be back, OFTEN!” Sharron Berryman
“Thanks for making the effort to produce this site. A minor complaint (since the page solicits comments) is that it is necessary to scroll the page not only vertically (to be expected) but horizontally on my 640x480 display. It would be nicer not to worry about such manipulations...” Romain Kang, Stanford University, USA
“Great idea to let us hear the beautiful sounds of the choir. I shall bookmark this site for future reference.” Donald Darbro, USA(?)
“Your site is now hugely impressive – my sincere congratulations!” Rod Cuff, British Choirs List
“If the choir is as good as it sounds on the web, I'll have to pay a visit to Guildford next time I'm in England.” Doug Gellatly, Canada
“It's surely great site, and I enjoyed Real Audio sound clips.” Yoichi Iio, CLASSICA, Japan
“You have a very nice website. Good luck with it!” Leslie Meindorfer, St.Joseph Cybercatholic
“An excellent web site!! Enjoyed the Real Audio clips. Any of the organ?? Keep up the good work.” Philip McNeill, Ontario, Canada
“I've just taken a look at your site – very splendid it is too. I enjoyed the Durufle with my morning coffee.” Martin Charlton, Organ Tour of Britain, UK
“Just a quick note to thank you for your weekly selection of Guildford music clips. I studied under Philip while a student at the University [...] Best years of my life.” Michael Field, UK
“I've visited your choir's internet-site, and I must say that I love it. I like the clear lay-out and all the Audio-files. Splendid!” Vincent Mooij, Die Haghe Sanghers, Netherlands
“Ich freue mich, da Ihr bei uns mitmacht und an diesem großartigen Ereignis der Chorgeschichte teilhabt. Habe gerade das Lied ‘There is no rose' gehört. Es ist einfach schön wenn man den Chorgesang lauschen kann.” Hans-Otto Schneider, Germany
“I have greatly enjoyed listening to your sound clips, and comparing you to our MBG choir (Men, Boys and Girls). Our repertoires are surprisingly (or not so, as the case may be) similar. Our current music director is John Bertalot, but he will be leaving us at the end of this year. I find your site very informative and a good example to get ideas for my page; even Mr. Bertalot was pleased, and that is quite a compliment!” Penny Lancaster, Trinity Church, Princeton, NJ, USA
“I haven't heard anything like this on the web before. It sounded very good when I attached my large stereo system to my computer - a 66Mhz 486 running Windows 95. There is some break-up, but I suppose that is due to Internet traffic at this time of night (10:00pm). You have an excellent selection of music. Have you considered doing anything with Macromedia Shockwave?” Sherri Michalski, USA (Western New York)
“Just to let you all know that I sit in my home in North central Minnesota, USA each Saturday morning and listen to your featured clips of the week. What a wonderful way to start my day! One day I hope to be able to hear you in person but, for now, this must do. Again, thank you for this great service!” Joyce Goodspeed Rush, Deerwood, Minnesota, USA
“Your site is magnificent. [...] I've just had a quick listen and the clips sound fine.” Michael Graham, St. Fin Barre's Cathedral Choir, Eire

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Note: This is an archive of the old unofficial website of 2001. These pages are for historical interest only - please visit the official website for up to date information. Some corrections have been noted and are in maroon.